Model-Driven Architecture with TextUML, Ecore, OVFTo and Acceleo

Published by Michael Hartle on 2017-11-14
Tagged with Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) TextUML Object Constraint Language (OCL) Acceleo UML Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF) Ecore Model-to-Model Transformation (MMT) Model-to-Text Transformation (M2T)

Sometimes, implementing a system is really a mapping of a domain model to an implementation. If your team is still getting to know its own domain model, actually implementing it in a manual fashion just forces you to through unnecessary growing pains; for more options, have a look into open-source MDA tools.

Stuff to try

  • Get Eclipse, TextUML and Acceleo installed in appropriate versions.

  • Use TextUML to describe your domain through UML in a textual form and to build a Ecore-based model from it. You can version the TextUML description in git.

  • Learn the Object Constraint Language (OCL) to actually express constraints on that model. You can use your knowledge for model constraints and to express model transformations of various sorts.

  • Use QVLTo as Model-to-Model Transformation (MMT) to transform that model incrementally, enriching or reducing it on the way, or even translating it to another meta model.

  • Use Acceleo as Model-to-Text Transformation (M2T) to build actual source code for your purposes.

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