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Hartle & Klug Consulting GmbH is a software engineering consultancy. We provide state-of-the-art consulting, coaching and delivery services regarding Requirements Engineering, Software Architecture and Software Development to our clients. Working in close collaboration, we help you specify, design and build the right software solution in the right way.


Working with encrypted data requires proper management of cryptographic keys to prevent theft or even loss; here, a loss of the keys amounts to a loss of the encrypted data. For a safe and reliable long-term storage of (small amounts of) critical data such as keys, paper has been an underestimated option - partially due to a lack of good tooling. We therefore have published our own tool Harpocrates as an open-source tool for paper-based backup and recovery.


Manually implementing the generation of HAL resources for REST/HATEOAS-based web services in Java can be tedious. To simplify the implementation, we have published our library Haley under the Apache License 2.0 on Github.


Want to present some content without resorting to Powerpoint or Keynote? There are some web-based solutions around, both commercial and open-source, that may help you to prevent a Death by Powerpoint.


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